The Readable Programming Language - Handbook



This handbook exposes the syntax and features of Lisilogic, the readable programming language.

The aim of Lisilogic is to define web applications in such a way that anybody can read their code, thus suppressing the need for separate, redundant descriptions (technical documentation, user manual, detailed specifications, etc.).

The syntax of Lisilogic is organized so that

  • Everything is defined using one language (as opposed to PHP + SQL + HTML + CSS or to Java + SQL + jSQL + JSP + property files + CSS + ...),
  • Everything is defined only once (as opposed to database script + class + user interface),
  • There are no "hidden keys" (like database column names mapped to member variable names then to UI element IDs, or like $NON-NLS$ strings mapped to property file entries),
  • No cryptic signs ({}$&|[]?<>...), only readable English,
  • Features that are common in nowadays web applications (emails, uploads, users, passwords, ...) are provided "out of the box" and integrated in the syntax.

The solutions found and compromises taken to achieve this goal, as well as the research topics still open, can be read in this handbook.

Lisilogic remains a programming language, with a precise syntax that doesn't allow the irregularity and inventions of a natural language. It is intended to be readable even for non-specialists, but writing an application in Lisilogic still requires a trained programmer. And him to read this handbook.

See also here for details about the purpose, intentions, and progress of Lisilogic.


Lisilogic is available for online test!

You may also download the development environment: just save the .jar file and double-click it. See Getting Started.

A presentation including a live demonstration can be organized. Please send an email to!

Partners and pilot projects wanted! Please contact us at!

Licence and Legal Notes

For now, unless and until a different licence has been agreed by Webware nach Maß, you are allowed to use Lisilogic, its development environment, its documentation and the applications and documents it generates only for test purposes. You are allowed to distribute them under the same conditions, accompanied with the present copyright notice.

Webware nach Maß takes no responsibility for the suitability, stability, or safety of applications programmed with Lisilogic, nor for the external systems they require (Java, Xampp, etc.).

Webware nach Maß keeps the right to inspect and use the applications programmed in the online development environment.

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